About us

We know how stressful it could be for you to deal with architects, contractors and suppliers when moving into a new office, or flat, or putting in operation a larger project with a fixed deadline.

There is a solution. AlcoArt is a construction company, which offers under a single roof a variety of services such as interior design, project management, finishing and installation works. We are a construction contractor specialized in fitting out and refurbishing offices, hospitals, schools, shops and flats, also providing interior design services and furnishing.

AlcoArt is your trustworthy partner when it comes down to dealing with construction projects.


Weekly Reporting

Interior Design

Maintenance & Beyond

Why choose us?

Single Point of Contact

Our company director pays personal attention to every construction project no matter of its scale. Depending on whether it is a total reconstruction and overhaul or just an office, retail, residential, hospital or school fit-out and furnishing project, he will dedicate one of our engineers or architects as a construction project manager and delegate him the executive powers. The project manager will coordinate and combine the efforts of our interior designer, installation engineers, suppliers and construction workers. Apart from status reporting weekly meetings, he will arrange and chair decision making meetings with designers or suppliers when you need to approve a design solution or select a certain type of a material. He will always take care that you do not go over budget or miss a deadline.

You will deal with a single person and have a full accountability and transparency.

Interior Design

In addition to our architects providing you with variety of excellent interior design solutions for your office, shop or flat, our team of engineers is ready to turn the beautiful 3-D visualizations in reality by responding to every technical challenge. Further, our project manager will take care that the proposed solution is cost effective and can be realized on time.

This way you can keep within budget and on schedule the whole construction project from the very beginning.

Project Time Schedule

In our first working meetings, we will propose to you a detailed construction project time schedule prepared by our engineers. Our project manager will meet you every week and report about the progress based on the construction project time schedule.

Drawing upon the construction project time schedule you can hold in check the whole process and make sure that everything is on track.

Always On Time

We know how to keep a construction project on schedule and complete it on time. We break down the project in smaller easily manageable parts and focus on their timely execution.

At the same we are always looking ahead and keep in mind the overall term.

Client Focused

Our clients might be large or small. We are providing an individual approach no matter if the construction project is an overhaul of a hospital, school or office, or fit-out and furnishing of a flat or shop.

We take care for the desires of our clients concerning the smallest details of the finishing and installation works.

Cost Effective

We are ready to offer competitive prices based on our knowledge of the construction process and the construction materials’ market.

You will obtain the best value for your money being offered various interior solutions, large scope of materials and professional technical advice.

Reliable in Business

We know how important is having good reputation in the construction business. Our whole team is focused on building lasting relations with our clients.

Your Long Term Partner

We are happy to offer maintenance or take part in future expansion of your project.

Health and Safety

Last but not least - we make no compromises with the health and safety policy. Our staff is well motivated and trained to respond to health and safety challenges.


Our goal is to preserve the environment and keep your good relations with your neighbours limiting dust and noise during the construction process.

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